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About NOSG

The Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS) is being established initially for the purpose of identifying, certifying, labeling, and verifying the naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients in all food products including bulk food materials, nutritional supplements and fortified foods and for the purpose of expressing a clear distinction between naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients containing products and those that contain synthetic vitamins and nutrients.

The current quantitative and qualitative standards for vitamins and other essential nutrients, such as those listed by RDA's, RDI's, and DV's for understanding nutrient activity, label disclosure and other nutrient details related to food supplements and fortified foods are originally based upon synthetic quantities mostly developed upon animal research studies conducted over 60 years ago. There is no qualitative or quantitative standard currently available for understanding non-synthetic, naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients potencies for the purpose of labeling or publication as related to our fortified foods and dietary supplements. This situation is confusing in general not only for natural food supplement and food product developers, but also for consumers who should be informed about the distinction that exists between naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients obtained only and directly from food and botanical sources created by nature as opposed to man-made synthetic vitamins and nutrients produced in laboratories. Therefore, a new standard, the NOS, is being developed as related to naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients.

The NOS will also help to support a platform for a program of related research and development to establish a "Naturally Occurring Daily Intake" that may be established as a quantitative consumer guide and standard for naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients as an alternative reference to the current RDI and DV standards that refer primarily to synthetic vitamins and nutrients.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board
Dr. Brian Clements

Hippocrates Health Institute
Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald,  Core Care Nutrients


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Currently NOSG is developing certifications for the food supplement and nutraceutical industry. If you are a manufacturer or distributor interested in certifying your food supplement product or other natural and organic product please contact us for an application.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services and referrals for companies interested in upgrading their current products or materials to NOS standards. Please contact us at:

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Naturally Occurring Standards Group (NOSG),
10336 Loch Lomond Rd., #219, Middletown CA 95461
Phone: 1-800-584-3533

Contributions & Support

As a non-profit organization the NOSG depends upon the generosity and support of its fellows and wellwishers. For those interested in supporting the values and projects of the NOSG we encourage you to make a tax-deductible contribution. Please send your contributions to:

Naturally Occurring Standards Group (NOSG)
10336 Loch Lomond Rd
Middletown, CA 95461

Or call 775 540 0457 for Credit Card contributions: Organic Consumers Association earmarked for NOSG.

Current Campaign

Our current campaign called "The Truth About Vitamins" is in conjunction with the Organic Consumers Association. This campaign is to bring awareness to the consumer and manufacturers about the differences between Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS) vitamins and nutrients and those that are not. Today many people are confused about nutrients that claim to be "natural" or derived from a "whole food" when in fact they are synthetic or inorganic nutrients that are not from food at all. The Truth About Vitamins campaign is focused on revealing the truth about and the difference between synthetic nutrients and NOS nutrients.

Current Mission

Do your food supplements contain synthetic vitamins or in-organic minerals? NOSG is preparing to certify vitamin and food supplements as NOS to discourage the industry from labeling synthetic vitamin products as "natural" or from "whole foods." NOSG will offer food and food supplement manufacturers NOS certification to keep synthetics out of our natural and organic foods and supplements. (See OCA's campaign "Nuti-Con")


The NOSG will be sponsoring seminars, webinars, and other educational events and also recommends certain reading materials and books. Please contact us for our current educational events and reading recommendations.


We offer fellowships that are open to all individuals or organizations interested in supporting the values and projects of the NOSG. An NOSG fellow is recognized as a supporter and proponent of NOS standards and a friend of the NOSG. A fellow of the NOSG has read and "signed on to" the NOSG mission. A fellowship list is maintained and the NOSG "fellow" may be published within our published lists or remain private, as they wish. There are also NOSG Advisory Board counsel positions available for the outstanding NOSG fellows who wish to be included in decision-making processes for NOSG sets of standards, special projects, research, and other primary NOSG organizational activities. If you are interested in becoming an NOSG Fellow, please contact us at or 1-800-584-3533

The Organic Consumers Association
Hippocrates Institute

Research Projects

Among NOSG primary activities is research. We are currently developing several research projects related to the identification and certification of NOS materials and products.

Our Current Research Project: As one of our first research projects at the NOSG we are developing a new set of vitamin, mineral, and nutrient food supplement standards that we call (Natural Daily Intake) or NDI. Unlike the Recommended Daily Allowance standards (RDA or RDI) the NDI will be based upon research that is not based upon synthetic vitamins or nutrients, but rather upon NOS vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as found only in organic whole foods and food concentrates. This research effort also includes the identification of NOS nutrients with established and new laboratory methods and protocols under development.

We invite you to participate in and support all NOS research projects and we are open to co-development and participation in any new proposed NOS projects and related joint ventures.