Naturally Occurring Standards Group

Research Projects

Among NOSG primary activities is research. We are currently developing several research projects related to the identification and certification of NOS materials and products.

Our Current Research Project: As one of our first research projects at the NOSG we are developing a new set of vitamin, mineral, and nutrient food supplement standards that we call (Natural Daily Intake) or NDI. Unlike the Recommended Daily Allowance standards (RDA or RDI) the NDI will be based upon research that is not based upon synthetic vitamins or nutrients, but rather upon NOS vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as found only in organic whole foods and food concentrates. This research effort also includes the identification of NOS nutrients with established and new laboratory methods and protocols under development.

We invite you to participate in and support all NOS research projects and we are open to co-development and participation in any new proposed NOS projects and related joint ventures.