Naturally Occurring Standards Group

About NOSG

Today we live in and are surrounded by a vast ocean of toxic substances as found in our home, our food, our medicine, the air, soil, and in all areas of our living and working environments.

Synthetic, toxic materials and chemicals are placed in our foods, medicines, cleaning products and in many other categories of products and raw materials and these toxic ingredients can negatively impact our lives.

At the NOSG it is our goal to help to remove all toxic chemicals and substances from our foods, supplements, medicines and all other products for the purpose of consumer health protection. The basic and primary NOS standard relates to the idea that a consumer product should be made of naturally occurring materials or ingredients as created by nature and should be devoid of any man-made synthetic ingredients or materials. The NOS is a standard that recognizes the superiority of divine nature and humbly accepts the inability of man’s intellect to equal, surpass or improve upon the supreme intelligence and wisdom of nature. The NOS supports the best of those things that nature has provided to us for our optimal health and happiness.

We intend to further our goals by consumer and industry education, research projects, and industry NOS certifications of consumer products. A main focus for our activities will necessarily require the NOSG to sponsor and support various scientific studies and related research projects central to the objectives of the NOSG. The NOSG will share its developments, findings, standards, certain certifications and other activities and information with the public for the purpose of creating positive changes for the public health and well being and also for the support of general environmental health.

By developing and establishing the “Naturally Occurring Standard” (NOS) for the protection of the consumer we hope to improve life in the public interest and provide a platform for a naturally occurring lifestyle because your life should be naturally occurring and free from synthetic toxins.

For more information on NOS standards see the following link to the NOS Research Paper.