Naturally Occurring Standards Group

Because Life is Naturally Occurring

The Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS) is being established initially for the purpose of identifying, certifying, labeling, and verifying the naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients in all food products including bulk food materials, nutritional supplements and fortified foods and for the purpose of expressing a clear distinction between naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients containing products and those that contain synthetic vitamins and nutrients.

The current quantitative and qualitative standards for vitamins and other essential nutrients, such as those listed by RDA’s, RDI’s, and DV’s for understanding nutrient activity, label disclosure and other nutrient details related to food supplements and fortified foods are originally based upon synthetic quantities mostly developed upon animal research studies conducted over 60 years ago. There is no qualitative or quantitative standard currently available for understanding non-synthetic, naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients potencies for the purpose of labeling or publication as related to our fortified foods and dietary supplements. This situation is confusing in general not only for natural food supplement and food product developers, but also for consumers who should be informed about the distinction that exists between naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients obtained only and directly from food and botanical sources created by nature as opposed to man-made synthetic vitamins and nutrients produced in laboratories. Therefore, a new standard, the NOS, is being developed as related to naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients.

The NOS will also help to support a platform for a program of related research and development to establish a “Naturally Occurring Daily Intake” that may be established as a quantitative consumer guide and standard for naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients as an alternative reference to the current RDI and DV standards that refer primarily to synthetic vitamins and nutrients.